Class Descriptions

Predance I: 3 year old dancers receive Ballet Foundation while learning age-appropriate classroom behavior and direction following.

Predance II: 4 & 5 year old dancers receive beginning Ballet movements and Tap Foundation with attention to classroom behavior, direction following and creative movement.

Just Dance: 6 & 7 year old dancers receive Beginning Ballet, Jazz and Tap vocabulary with focus on musicality.

All Youth Classes incorporate creative movement via dance games and fun activities.

Beginner Ballet & Jazz:  Dancers ages 8 and up with 2 years or less of dance experience receive a 50 minute Ballet Technique Class followed by 40 minute Jazz class.  Focus begins on creativity, choreography and strong technique.

Intermediate Ballet: Dancers ages 10 and up with 3-5 years of dance experience receive an hour long Ballet technique class with focus on technique, posture and grace in movement.

Intermediate Jazz:  Dancers ages 10 and up with 3-5 years of dance experience receive an hour long Jazz class with focus on technique, strength and musicality.

Beginner/Intermediate Tap:  Dancers 8 and up receive basic Tap instruction with focus on classic Broadway Tap vocabulary and musicality.

Advanced Ballet:  Dancers ages 12 and up with 5+ years of dance experience required.  Students may participate after evaluation of technique and vocabulary.

Belletete Ballet Company:  Dancers in Advanced Ballet or by special invitation may participate in the Belletete Ballet Company.  BBC is a performance troupe that will perform special choreography at local artistic venues throughout the year.